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Who are you!?

Who are you to tell me who I am? You are no one. I dictate who I am and what I shall become. So please sit back and allow me to live the way I want to. Thank you very much. I shall appreciate you being only a spectator and not a dictator. 

Several shades of lighter skin
paraded everywhere while all else is seen as sin.
This stigmatization causes the tears in our eyes to pool,
can’t you see, my black is beautiful?

Elixirs, potions and serums promise me the best solution
but alas, the answer to my problems lies not in a jar of lotion.
The learned self-hate in my mind is still the rule,
why don’t I know my black is beautiful?

A stranger in the midst of my own
because everybody wants a ‘yellow bone’
But complex is for differentiation, just a tool
so doesn’t that mean all black is beautiful?

Milk chocolate, caramel and everything till dark chocolate,
my position on the spectrum is no good enough reason to castigate.
Black is strong, proud, calm yet fiery, and most of all, cool
thus I promise you, EVERY shade of my black is beautiful.


My Black is Beautiful

by Obose (www.flawedyetflawless.tumblr.com)

(Source: darkskinwomen)


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